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Your Guide to Philippine Visa Types

Non-Immigrant visas:

  • 9 (A) Pleasure, business or health

  • 9 (B) Transit

  • 9 (C) Seaman on a ship docking in a port of entry in the country

  • 9 (D) Foreign business traveler

  • 9 (F) Students

  • 9 (G) Pre-arranged employees and their dependents

Immigrant visas:

  • 13 Quota immigrants, of which no more than fifty of any one nationality may be admitted within one calendar year

  • 13 (A) The spouse or unmarried child (below 21) of a Filipino citizen

  • 13 (B) Children born during a temporary visit abroad to mothers granted permanent residence in the Philippines

  • 13 (C) Children born after the issuance of the visa of the accompanying parents

  • 13 (D) Women who lost Filipino citizenship by virtue of marriage to a foreign spokes, and her unmarried children

  • 13 (E) Permanent residents returning to the Philippines from a temporary visit abroad to resume permanent residence

  • 13 (F) The spouse and or unmarried children of a foreigner admitted to the country for permanent residence prior to the approval of the Philippine Immigration Act

  • 13 (G) Natural-born Filipinos and their dependents who have been naturalized in a foreign country and wish to permanently reside in the Philippines

Special Visas

  • SIRV This is a Special Investor’s Resident Visa. 

  • SVEG Special Visa for Employment Generation.

  • SRRV Special Resident Retiree’s Visa. 

  • SNIV Special Non-Immigrant Visa

  • SEVOBU Special Employment Visa for Offshore Banking Unit.

  • ASRV is a special permanent residency visa acquired by becoming a member of the Aurora Special Economic Zone (APECO).

Industries We Serve

  • Call Center

  • On-line Gaming

  • Banking

  • Hotel & Resort

  • Construction

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